The Paternoster Group offers discrete, independent specialist political risk analysis, communications and relationship management advisory services


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    Subscription to our monthly bulletin that uses both quantitative and qualitative analyses to track the most important trends in South African politics and their impact on the economy;

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    Regular presentations and engagements with Boards, Excos, management committees, investors and/or clients;
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    Bespoke research, analysis and advice into issues that form the unique needs of the client’s business.
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    Parliamentary and legislative process monitoring: following the 2019 election, Parliament will again become the primary arena for reform and we track the inner workings of the institution from the inception of a Bill to its final adoption;
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    Long term risk political risk and scenario planning over 5, 10 and 20 year periods.

Especially in South Africa, political decisions and events stand as one of the biggest risk factors affecting businesses.


  • Economic Policy and Fiscal viability

    Political decisions set the agenda for the economic environment in which business is done. Whether its determining economic priorities, shaping the market or influencing credit ratings, understanding how political factors affect both the business and the market can put clients a step ahead

  • Land reform and expropriation without compensation

  • Rand value

    Two of the biggest drops in the value of the Rand in recent years have been as a result of Cabinet reshuffles. Predicting these sorts of volatile political events has been of great value to our clients in the past.

  • Labour and civil unrest

    Political decisions and rhetoric can create instability in any society. This has added significance in the labour climate which can be highly politicised in the South African context

  • Black Economic Empowerment

    is a complex and dynamic terrain, and there is graveyard full of companies who got it wrong when it came to choosing the right BEE partner.

  • Pre-empting regulation and legislative change

    The ability to track potential changes to the regulatory and legislative framework both at a macro-level and on sector-specific issues allows one to be prepared for the ever changing landscape.

  • Corruption and governance

    Understanding the effect of corruption and maladministration on the broader economy as well as on a micro-level where the playing field may be unbalanced is a necessary part of doing business in South Africa.

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